[Development] Calendar Systems proposal

Hamed Masafi hamed.masafi at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 08:59:12 CET 2017

I'm working on qml support of calendar system,
for porting this mechanism to qml we have two option:

Add a global object to jsengine?
Somthing like that :

var date = new Date;
var cal = new JalaliCalendar;
var out = date.toString(cal, "yyyy-MM-dd");

In this case JalaliCalendar is a new global object type (like date, string,
regex, array and etc).

Or another option may be adding calendar() to global Qt function, the usage
example can be like that:

var date = new Date;
var out = date.toString(Qt.calendar('jalali'), "yyyy-MM-dd");


var date = new Date;
var out = date.toString(Qt.JalaliCalendar, "yyyy-MM-dd");

In this method Qt.calendar like Qt.locale initialize with a string.

Now question is that: witch form is preferred? Will be case (1) break Qt
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