[Development] Qt 5.9.1 branching finalized

Jani Heikkinen jani.heikkinen at qt.io
Mon Jun 19 08:31:59 CEST 2017

Hi all,

Final downmerge is now done and '5.9' is for '5.9.2' from now on. We will start doing Qt 5.9.1 "rc" now to see if there is still some issue to be fixed before official release. But the target is that current '5.9.1' is final content for the release so please not try to get in any nice-to-haves anymore. Change files are still missing and we will do those soon today. Let's get those in as soon as possible

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Hi all,

We have today started soft branching from '5.9' to '5.9.1'. That way we should be able to release Qt 5.9.1 still during June. So please use '5.9.1' for new changes targeted to Qt 5.9.1 release. We will do final downmerge from '5.9' to '5.9.1' this Friday (16.6) and after that '5.9' will be for Qt 5.9.2.

And please note: We are planning to do regular patch level releases for Qt 5.9 series so no any nice-to-haves in '5.9.1', just fixes for really critical issues. All others must be done in '5.9' & can wait Qt 5.9.2 release. So '5.9.1' is just for getting Qt 5.9.1 quickly out... And at this time we really want to do Qt 5.9.1 on time meaning we won't delay the release because of issues which were already in Qt 5.9.0 release. And we will check case by case all new regressions if those could really delay the release or not: Qt 5.9.2 is planned to be released already on August.

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