[Development] Enabling private features for separate modules

Alexander Volkov a.volkov at rusbitech.ru
Mon Jun 19 13:33:12 CEST 2017

19.06.2017 13:59, Dominik Holland пишет:
>> $ qmake -- -system-ffmpeg
>> ***Unknown option -system-ffmpeg
> I think it needs to be:
> qmake -- --enable-system-ffmpeg
> if you want to add your own options you can also add a "commandline"
> section to configure.json
It also doesn't work. Somehow this way of passing extra arguments with 
'--' doesn't work in release builds.
I tested it in my developer build and it works.
Also I found that it was introduced by 
and there is another way of passing extra arguments with QMAKE_EXTRA_ARGS:
qmake QMAKE_EXTRA_ARGS+="-system-ffmpeg" works.

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