[Development] QtCloudMessaging repository request to Qt

Ari Salmi ari.salmi at snowgrains.com
Wed Jun 21 12:58:48 CEST 2017

Hi there,

I am developing a Qt API to wrap cloud push services to mobile apps and
embedded devices.
This includes examples for using Google Firebase (firebase.google.com) for
mobile app development and similar a solution for embedded space as well
(which has increasing demand).

For contribution to Qt the new repository is needed.

Name of the project:
Qt Cloud Messaging

Responsible person:
Ari Salmi / SnowGrains
gerrit username: snowgrains
gerrit email: snowgrains at snowgrains.com

desired repository name:

Some background:
The closest match is the Qt Mobility's QMessaging service, which more or
less concentrated to SMS, mms and email services inside a (nokia) phones
taking care of the contacts etc. Unfortunately that API is not expandable
to other platforms and cannot be used. One aim on this is to create Qt API
that wraps (and developers can do more wrappers with same API) e.g. Google
firebase, or onesignal type of push messaging services - for mobile
and desktop apps.

More important aim is to provide similar messaging to/from iot and other
embedded devices, like cars. This is the place where we are lacking the
offering from the Qt point of view. One embedded backend solution that has
scale able offering is Kaltiot.com. I've included it as one backend for
embedded story.

Thank you and best regards,
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