[Development] [FYI] me & reviews & retargeting requests

Oswald Buddenhagen oswald.buddenhagen at qt.io
Wed Jun 28 12:51:34 CEST 2017


as the situation has developed to a point where i often literally don't
get anything else done after handling mails, incoming bug reports, and
reviews, i'm now trying to stick to a cycle where i do reviews only
every other working day (monday-wednesday-friday in first

for you this means:

- if you have something urgent, in particular retargeting requests, use
  a lower-latency medium, i.e., irc (usually instant response) or a
  separate email (up to half a working day latency, assuming you're in
  my time zone). *don't* just add me to the review and give up if i
  don't respond within a few hours.
  also, fregl can handle retargeting requests as well.

- in accordance with https://wiki.qt.io/Review_Policy point 2, you are
  expected to give me (and everyone else) enough time to follow up. if
  something is too urgent to just wait, see above.

on a related note, i'd like to repeat my request to be added to all
reviews that involve the build system to a non-trivial degree (i'm
watching some stuff in qtbase, but i can't realistically watch
everything). you know exactly what reaction to expect when i get to fix
your mess ...

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