[Development] Don't use Private *d when your class is immutable

Richard Moore rich at kde.org
Fri Mar 3 14:38:11 CET 2017

On 3 March 2017 at 11:33, Marc Mutz <marc.mutz at kdab.com> wrote:

> On Friday 03 March 2017 10:43:56 Richard Moore wrote:
> [...]
> > QSslCipher should be an integer index into a table. The
> > fact that it isn't is a poor workaround for weak API from​ openssl
> Would you mind to expand on that? I don't see any a-priori reason why
> QSslCipher can't be fixed to contain an index (qintptr), from a BC pov.
> What
> in OpenSSL prevents this?
In order to present info to the user, QSslCipher lets you see things like
the cipher, key length, key exchange method etc. etc. however in SSL these
are all bundled together as a cipher suite - this is just a 16 bit number
(24 bits in SSLv2). What we'd ideally do is just store the number and then
look up the other info as needed. Ideally we'd just query the openssl in
use for the list of available ciphers which we could store as a list/vector
globally. Unfortunately openssl doesn't provide any API for looking up the
info given the id (though i've at least partially got this addressed in
openssl 1.1). At the moment the code has to do some horrendous parsing of a
text representation.


> > and poor
> > design choices when SSL supported was added to Qt.
> Since it was intended as an example for poor design choices, I feel I
> picked
> the correct example :)
> Thanks,
> Marc
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