[Development] syncqt.pl in C++

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Wed Mar 8 11:07:31 CET 2017

André Somers (8 March 2017 06:18)
> The stopping maintainance of qmake can't happen any time soon I'd
> think. Not even from Qt6. There are too many Qt projects out there
> depending on it.

All the same, the sooner we can make the transition away from using it
ourselves, the sooner we can retire qmake - albeit that'll surely be
many releases later.  If we can wean ourselves off it for Qt 6, there's
some hope we might with good grace be able to abandon it at Qt 7.
That's surely a long way off, but it'll be even longer if we don't get
it out of our own way for Qt6.

Whether we achieve that by switching to QBS or cmake (or to well-crafted
naked make files) is a subject of utter indifference to me; but I, for
one, long to see the day when I never have to shepherd another change to
qmake through code review,


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