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Jake Petroules Jake.Petroules at qt.io
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I'm working on the qbs bootstrapping. The requirements will be: a C++11 compiler. End of requirements. Seriously. Not even bash, if you don't mind typing a couple commands manually.

Right now we depend on JSC via QtScript (not V4) but that will change at some point. We're not entirely sure of the solution yet; newer JSC vs V8 vs V4 or another solution.

JSC supports ES2017 nowadays so I somewhat favor that.

Qt could then include a tiny bootstrap script which downloads and bootstraps qbs, then builds Qt (but the normal use case would be that you already have qbs installed).
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On 2017-03-07, Lars Knoll <lars.knoll at qt.io> wrote:
> This also makes qbs a natural choice to also use for Qt itself, and I belie=
> ve all the people that have worked and maintained Qt's build system over th=
> e last few years are supporting this. Of course this requires that we can s=
> how that qbs can be used to build Qt.

I expect this also includes "Can be bootstrapped" and "Does not require
a qbs executable obtained from elsewhere with all dependencies". And
maybe even "Can be built on platforms where v4 isn't yet


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