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On Mon, March 20, 2017 15:19, Marc Mutz wrote:
> Well, seriously. My answer is the same: Time has only one direction. 
> Qt source and binary compatibility only has one direction. If you want 
> to use Qt in a way it was not intended to be used, then you need to 
> pay the prize, and not ask the community to do so for you.
> You can pay by porting to QVector. Or auto. That will work in Qt 5 and 
> Qt 6.
> You can define your own MyQListOrQVector type alias. Or you can #ifdef.
> It's
> up to you.

Marc, please do not underestimate the impact of laziness! Whether we admit it or not: most of us became computer scientists because we're lazy - we want to let the machine work for us! ;-)

Everybody else at least works for for someone who is quite tight-fisted with the budget.

In other words: if Qt 6 forces me to do any significant amount of porting, then I'll stay with Qt 5. I was able to port my biggest Qt 4 application to Qt 5 because I could promise my client it'd be done in a couple of days and he'd gain lots of features too.

If I have to replace every single occurrence of QList with QVector or auto for it to continue working with Qt 6, then I will not get a budget for that.

The community will pay for my laziness by having to support an outdated framework for much longer. Lazy people are great at externalizing... :-P

I had customers on Qt3 for 2 years after Qt4 came out for this reason alone, the cost of moving to Qt4 was too large for them to justify the expense.

When it came to 4 to 5, it was minimal, in fact none of my customers "held on to 4" because of the migration path, however, many simply waited for a reason.

Now, myself, and a few others are sitting on Qt 5.5 because of the issues with the web browser change in 5.6... but that's another issue....


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