[Development] Qt-5.9.0-beta on CentOS-6.8: one minor BTN_TRIGGER_HAPPY bug

Ed Leaver ewleaver at comcast.net
Thu Mar 23 18:59:25 CET 2017

Two binary questions:

1. I've been doing some compile testing of Qt-5.8.0 on CentOS-6.8. Only 
one minor bug in non-critical (to me) component, simple work-around. 
Would like to test Qt-5.9.0-beta, see if there's an easy way to 
automatically disable 
compilation for these old 2.6 kernels without manually editing 
evdev.pro, and check for any other problems. I was using gcc-5.4.0, but 
will attempt gcc-4.8.2 -no-std=c++11 in the next few days. If you think 
this worthwhile, have you a Qt-5.9.0-beta source tarball?

2.  I may soon be involved with a large-ish Qt project. I haven't seen 
it yet, but might benefit from modern build system. I'm comfortable with 
qmake but will gladly do qbs if that is in fact the future. Is it?


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