[Development] supported compilers in 5.10?

Alex Blasche alexander.blasche at qt.io
Fri Mar 31 16:24:37 CEST 2017

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> >> If we can drop MSVC 2013, too, we can start to use char16_t
> >> unconditionlly, which will make QStringViewLiteral obsolete, as we can just
> write u"foo"
> >> everywhere. It will also simplify a lot of other code that currently
> >> needs to fall back to wchar_t on Windows / MSVC 2013.
> >
> > It would certainly be nice not to have to worry about working around
> > the various problems with MSVC 2013.
> I would favour to support only the latest two compilers (so 2017 and 2015), but
> I've got the feeling it might be too early. People using MSVC move *slowly* to
> the next compiler...

I just looked through the download statistics. MSVC2015 takes about 30% of all windows downloads and the Visual Studio Tools have a similar ratio. It might change once we have a MSVC2017 packages but right now I must say no, dropping MSVC2015 is a no go for Qt 5.10.

I can image we have a realistic chance for 5.11 though.


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