[Development] IT service break going on right now

Tony Sarajärvi tony.sarajarvi at qt.io
Fri Oct 13 09:04:51 CEST 2017

CI master is up and running. IT began work on WLANs next and after that VPN.


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Subject: IT service break going on right now


Better late than never they say? We on moving bits and pieces from our old facilities maintaining our hardware to the new one. You’ve probably read about these moves earlier as we moved some of the infra. Now we try to move the last pieces.

Today we move CI master server, our VPN, controller for WLANs. They have been offline now for an hour, and an estimate is that we will start powering them back on in the following hour. But, as CI master is moving, the CI is also down naturally 😊

Thanks for your patience,
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