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Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Tue Oct 17 16:28:09 CEST 2017

17.10.2017, 17:26, "Matthew Woehlke" <mwoehlke.floss at gmail.com>:
> On 2017-10-16 22:05, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>>  Konstantin Tokarev wrote:
>>>  I have no real experience with Meson, but at least it has following
>>>  advantages:
>>>  * Its language is typed(!),
>>  CMake also has a concept of types. In particular, the cache variables (i.e.,
>>  the variables you can set on the command line, which are also cached across
>>  invocations) have a type.
> That's... misleading. The only time when those "types" matter is when
> you are using cmake-gui; they influence the convenience widgets that
> cmake-gui uses to assist users in providing appropriate values.
> Internally, everything is a string.
>>>  has native support for arrays(!)
>>  That is what the CMake LIST command is for.
> ...and yet, internally, everything is a string. "Lists" in CMake tend to
> get mucked up when you need to deal with values that contain the list
> separator token (';'). Real, first-class support for arrays would be a
> welcome improvement.
>>>  * It is target-oriented from the start and is not so burdened by legacy
>>>  ways of doing things wrong, which plague old CMake projects and confuse
>>>  newcomers
>>  CMake is a mature tool with a long history,
> ...and another advantage of this is that CMake has solved many, many
> "hard" problems that don't occur to all these folks that want to write
> "new and shiny" tools.

Or problems that just cannot exist with properly designed tool, like
"generator expressions"

> Turing completeness is another case in point. You may *say* you don't
> want it... until you run into some problem that you just can't seem to
> solve in your build tool.


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