[Development] Qt installation prefix path issue

bhaskar kotha kothabhaskar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 08:38:24 CEST 2017

When I am configuring Qt with
./configure -prefix /home/bkotha/Qt5.4 -hostprefix /home/bkotha/Qt5.4
-bindir /home/bkotha/Qt5.4/bin -libdir /home/bkotha/Qt5.4/lib -headerdir
/home/bkotha/Qt5.4/include -plugindir /home/bkotha/Qt5.4/plugins -importdir
/home/bkotha/Qt5.4/imports -archdatadir /home/bkotha/Qt5.4/lib
-translationdir /home/bkotha/Qt5.4/translations -qmldir

My qmake is creating with full abosolute path.
When I am moving installed Qt rootfs into other user account
i.e. /home/rajesh/Qtrootfs,  then compiling my qt sample  application with
/home/rajesh/Qtrootfs path, but qmake looking includes path from
 /home/bkotha/Qt5.4/include .

How to configure Qt so that Qmake should not take absolute path.

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