[Development] Repository request: MaterialWidgets

iman ahmadvand iman72411 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 09:42:23 CEST 2017

Hi everyone.

As you probably noticed before in mailing list, Qt MaterialWidgets is going
to bring new modern UI to classical QtWidgets
based on material design style with the aim of same look-and-feel on
multiple desktop platforms. You can think of it as MaterialStyle
in QML but in pure C++ implementation for those application which is not
going to migrate to a new area (like QML) for the
UI development or any other reason. So this will give the developers good
options for choosing the UI tool.

With the purpose of contributing this module to Qt, I would like to have
the new repository created.

Name of the project: Qt MaterialWidgets
Responsible person: Iman Ahmadvand
Email: iman72411 at gmail.com
Desired repository name: qtmaterialwidgets

NOTE: this is not just about idea, i already implemented a full-functional
and well-behaved ContinuousSlider(more on:
and a few more widgets.

Best Regards.
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