[Development] Re : Getting build flags for platforms without pkg-config

Jeandet Alexis alexis.jeandet at member.fsf.org
Mon Oct 30 09:00:46 CET 2017

Le dimanche 29 octobre 2017 à 15:57 -0700, Thiago Macieira a écrit :
> On domingo, 29 de outubro de 2017 14:57:44 PDT Jeandet Alexis wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > Previously I asked about getting some defines from pkg-config, I
> > pushed
> > some code on gerrit to fix that.
> > 
> > Now I would like to care about platforms where we don't use pkg-
> > config,
> > at first I thought that we could get compile flags from qmake but
> > it
> > seems that no.
> You can get them from either qmake or cmake. The flags are saved
> there.
> You should also reconsider and install pkg-config on those platforms.
> > Did I miss something?
> > Would there be a way to get compile flags for a build system like
> > meson?
> Either write a .pro file that prints or saves the flags, or read the 
> $$[QT_INSTALL_ARCHDATA]/mkspecs/modules/qt_lib_*.pri files.
> Reading the files directly is officially looking into private API and
> we cannot 
> promise you that it will continue working. But I don't see how to do
> it 
> officially with qmake either.
I was affraid I would get this answer. How do you solve this issue with
QBS? Does qmake generate files for QBS on each Qt version or do you
hardcode stuff in QBS? 
This leads me to the conclusion that a kind of qt-pkg-config tool would
be nice. Or just expending qmake to provide this infromations.

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