[Development] Continuous Integration issues - Coin temporarily down

Frederik Gladhorn Frederik.Gladhorn at qt.io
Tue Oct 31 23:11:22 CET 2017

Hi all,

we've had a bunch of unfortunate small things piling up, so sadly Coin is down right now. I expect it to be up tomorrow (so in roughly 10 hours from now) assuming everything now goes smooth.

We use local disks to cache VMs running in our Open Nebula instance and found that the machines over time fill up the cache (their leftovers should be removed, but that seems to not happen under some circumstances). So we had to cleanup, but have been struggling with our DNS setup, the new machine to take over didn't want to show up on the network for a while. All of this lead to more delays that I would have liked, so it basically cost us a day, sorry :-(

Don't give up yet though, we've lately made more and more progress in monitoring the whole system and have a bigger focus inside The Qt Company to get the infrastructure in place and flaky tests more under control so that hopefully contributing to Qt will be more fun. More on that later.



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