[Development] To improve UX of the online installer

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Tue Apr 3 10:10:55 CEST 2018

Jason H (3 April 2018 02:43) wrote:
> I'm not involved with the installer, but 2 points.
> 1. Number of gets doesn't really matter as long as it's HTTP 1.1. yeah it's not as optimal as a single compressed download, but it's not terrible. If it's only 1.0, then that's a problem.

Why do you believe this ?
My first guess is that you're assuming keep-alive or related features.

I'm also not involved with the installer, but that only works if all
those GETs are done on the same connection.  If they're done by separate
invocations of wget or curl, they don't benefit from any of HTTP/1.1's
features; nor will the installer benefit if it does the GETs internally
but opens a fresh socket for each request.  If the installer uses a
single connection to do all the GETs, sure, this should be OK - but, if
it's creating new a connection for each GET, we can speed it up
considerably by consolidating to one connection.


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