[Development] Deprecation of Qt Quick Controls 1

Andras Mantia andras.mantia at kdab.com
Thu Feb 8 08:45:43 CET 2018


On Thursday, February 8, 2018 9:22:24 AM EET Eike Hein wrote:
> Hi,
> in addition, kde.org ships a qqc2-desktop-style for Controls 2 that
> implements QStyle theming (it's an improved derivative of the code
> used in qqc1) and has no other KDE dependencies. It's viable to ship
> with an app, and available in most distributions as a system package
> as well as inside KDE's Flatpak runtime. It's not been tested much
> outside of X11, Wayland and win32, though.

Note, that the style KDE installs can interfere with your own customizations 
done for QQC2 items. I've seen this with Qt 3D Studio for example.
So there is still work to done in this area.


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