[Development] CI status update

Aapo Keskimölö aapo.keskimolo at qt.io
Mon Feb 12 15:10:35 CET 2018

Dear Qt developers,

As we all know, there have been challenges in our CI system. To let everyone know, we have established CI task force and allocated 5 experienced developers to help CI team fixing and stabilize CI.

Following areas are under extensive care as long as needed:

  *   Flaky cases
  *   CI infrastructure bottlenecks
  *   Coin bugs and development (garbage collector, opennebula, product module support)

We have also arranged workshop with original Coin developers in Oslo that will take place on week 26th of Feb that will be focusing on solving the most pressing issues.

If you find any problems in CI that you suspect being flaky or needs studying, please contact sami.nurmenniemi at qt.io<mailto:sami.nurmenniemi at qt.io> He is in charge of overall picture / prioritization of the situation.

Kind regards,
Coin Team

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