[Development] webgl text

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Thu Feb 15 22:34:14 CET 2018

I have s simple UI where I have a few buttons, a LOT of text, I basically use the buttons to assign values to the text. (I'll attach a pic)
I am using a TextEdit and DocumentHandler to do this. Select text, click button, it changes the background color. Or vice versa. It works extremely well on desktop, and I can see the events come across and be processed, but the update to the UI is forever (~30s). I don't know WebGL, if anything can be done that well but wanted to point it out. I know it's early yet, I'm hoping it could be further optimized.

Also the TextEdit doesn't scroll.

It's about 1000 lines of text, about 60 words per line, just messing with the background color for the text. 
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