[Development] 32bit linux build of qt5.10.0 w/ webengine

Christian Gagneraud chgans at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 12:21:35 CET 2018

On 5 January 2018 at 15:11, Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira at intel.com> wrote:
>> I wish too, i could target Linux-x86_64, but i cannot. This codebase
>> currently builds for WINTEL32 and Linux/ARM32, it used to be built for
>> a Geode or VIA proc, some time ago, with Qt-4.x
> The fact that you mention Geode and VIA means it's *old*.

Yes parts of the code base are verrrrrrrrrrrry old (VIA/Geode is just
ghost code), certainly older than Qt itself...

But that was not my point:
I don't have a HW problem, I have a SW problem. I cannot link against
Qt-x86_64 b/c i cannot build my codebase for x86_64.
I will run Qt/32bits on a 64 bits machine. This is my (sad) life, period.

>> > I've never had a problem, but I confess I don't try to build all of Qt. I
>> > build all[*] of Qt with GCC and Clang on Linux, but that's 64-bit. The
>> > 32-bit build is only for qtbase, once every couple of months. For
>> > example, I still need to do the benchmarking for the new qHash function
>> > in 32-bit, which I find to be a poor use of my time so I haven't done
>> > yet.
>> > [*] not including qtwebengine. I've never built that.
>> You told me so a few month ago, and I switched to OpenSuse since then,
>> but i still had issues, and the only way to get around was to break
>> the host distro (force-install some dev packages, 'ln -sf' SO here and
>> there, ...)
>> Please share your script if you have some.
> Regular configure -platform linux-g++-32 && make. There's nothing special.

<ironic>Well, thanks for the tip!</ironic>

The main issue is dependencies, the best document I found is an ICS blog post:

But that covers only 32bits build on 32bits host or 64bits build on 64
bits host.

When I asked my question a few month ago, it was all about how to
install all the 32 bits (dev) packages on a 64 bits Linux machine
without having to resort to "dirty hacks", and so far i've been
unlucky, and nobody was able to give me any hints (not blaming anyone

So may I rephrase my question?
Do you have the magic list for apt/zypper that would allow to build
Qt-5.6/32bits (or Qt-5.9) on a 64bits Linux machine?
I don't care about Redhat vs Suse vs Debian vs ... I just need to
generate a 32 bits archive of Qt that can be used on a 64 bits Linux

>> Or maybe we're not talking about the same thing. I'm not even sure
>> what the Qt Company means by "Supported until Mar. 16, 2019" on
>> http://doc.qt.io/qt-5.6/supported-platforms.html (that's Qt-5.6).
>> What I'm sure of, is that i cannot download Qt-5.6 binaries for
>> Linux-x86_32 (commercial or opensource).
> That's Qt 5.6's support lifetime. It's a Long Term Support release, so we'll
> keep adding patches and fixes to it until that date. That includes all
> compilers and platforms that were supported at the time of the release,
> however difficult it may get for us next year to build.

Just a wee reminder that "support" doesn't mean "full support".
Remember how we ended up on the gcc (or binutils?) bug board because
the QThread test suite was failing?

For me, it's quite simple:
No (opensource/commercial) Qt CI = No (opensource/commercial) Qt
binaries = No (opensource/commercial) support.

If you don't build and test on a regular basis, it can break at any
moment without anyone noticing (and it did happened at least once)


PS: In case you think I'm ranting for free here, i would like to say
(again) that I think Qt is a great piece of (opensource/commercial)
SW, and big thumb up to anyone behind this, The Qt Project, The Qt
Company, Intel, ICS, KDAB, KDE, ... and everyone else, individual or

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