[Development] Qt 5.9.4 snapshot available

Jani Heikkinen jani.heikkinen at qt.io
Fri Jan 12 14:27:15 CET 2018


We have finally Qt 5.9.4 snapshot available in online repositories. You can add/update it via online installer like earlier. Please test the snapshot now & report all findings in Jira. And please inform me immediately if you find something which must block the Qt 5.9.4 release. But remember: We won't block release quite easily: If issue has been in Qt 5.9.3 or earlier then by default it won't block Qt 5.9.4.

Snapshot isn't yet final Qt 5.9.4 release but should be close: Blocker list is almost empty and only few already integrated changes are missing from snapshot. We will release Qt 5.9.4 during next week if nothing really serious reported from this snapshot


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