[Development] Mismatch of display resolutions and window sizes in Android applications

Konstantin Ritt ritt.ks at gmail.com
Sat Jan 13 20:57:00 CET 2018

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2018-01-13 22:27 GMT+04:00 Denis Shienkov <denis.shienkov at gmail.com>:

> The problem was in Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling option.
> 13.01.2018 19:34, Denis Shienkov пишет:
> Hi all.
> Rigth now I faced with the strange issue is that the QML
> window size (screen) does not correspond to the display
> resolution.
> For example, I have the "ASUS ZenFone 4 Max ZC554KL"
> smartphone which has display resolution as 1280x720 pixels.
> But if I run there the QML application and try to print out
> the ApplicationWindow size, then it is 360x568 or 640x288
> pixels, depends on orientation. O_o
> I have checked the same and on other smartphones, and see
> that there the situation is similar. E.g. for the
> "Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 GT-S7270" with 800x480 display I got
> 320x460 or 533x247 pixels of my ApplicationWindow.
> For example if try to use the QtLocation module, then any
> maps looks ugly.
> It is very bad surprise for me... Because, seems, now I can
> not write any applications with high resolusion (or, at least
> to operate with a real resolutions from my QML code).
> Is there are any tricks to fix it?
> PS: Some Android's firmwares (e.g. Cyanogen)  allows to change
> the DPI, and with the minimum DPI the ApplicationWindow size
> increases a bit.. But it is not an option anyway.
> BR,
> Denis
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