[Development] Nominating Maintainers of qt3dstudio/qt3dstudio

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Mon Jan 15 09:46:15 CET 2018


As the required 15 work days have (ages ago) passed the nominations below for Qt 3D Studio are final.
Congratulations to all appointed maintainers!
Thank you Lars for updating the https://wiki.qt.io/Maintainers page and gerrit maintainers group.


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Hi all,

Those of you who have been following our blog posts or who went to QtCon this year know about the new 3D UI design tool and runtime combination we received as contribution from NVIDIA earlier this year. The tool is now known as Qt 3D Studio and the repositories were opened before Qt WS 2017. For more info check out: http://blog.qt.io/blog/2017/10/11/qt-3d-studio-source-code-pre-release-snapshots-available/

I’d like to name myself (Pasi Keränen) as the maintainer of Qt 3D Studio. I’ve been involved in the project since the early negotiations with NVIDIA and handling the receiving of the contribution from them. All the way to leading the Qt integration work that is still ongoing towards 1.0 release later this month.

As Qt 3D Studio is a large piece of work I’d like to also suggest the following persons as maintainers of sub-areas of Qt 3D Studio:
Soili Väinämö – Maintainer of UX, ensuring the user experience of the tool and runtime develop going onwards. Soili has been doing excellent work in both converting the look’n’feel of the application to leading UX studies on how to improve the usability of the product from end user point of view.
Tomi Korpipää – Maintainer of Editor Application code. Tomi has done great work in handling the bug flow and converting the look’n’feel to more Qt like together with Soili.
Antti Määttä – Maintainer of Runtime 1.0 and runtime integration. Antti has long history of working with 3D engine code and has done excellent work in for example prototyping OpenGL ES 2 support in the runtime component of Qt 3D Studio.
Laszlo Agocs – Maintainer of Qt 3D based Runtime 2.0. Laszlo has been working on the prototype runtime for some time now and is already looking in to productizing it.
Miikka Heikkinen – Maintainer of installer and viewer application. Miikka has been instrumental in getting the installer creation implemented and also has been adding new experimental features to the viewer like image sequence generation.

Pasi Keränen
Team lead of TQtC 3D Team, Oulu
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