[Development] how to include further changes while previous commit is still under review?

Daniel Savi daniel.savi at gaess.ch
Mon Jan 22 07:33:17 CET 2018

After reading some of the excellent documentation on git-scm.com, I'm planning to create two branches, one for patch 1 and one for patch 2. So, I would do "git branch fix1", "git checkout fix1", add some changes from review, "git commit --amend", then "git checkout master", "git branch fix2", git checkout fix2", add fix 2 and commit the second patch. I'm writing all commands by heart, may have some mistakes there. 
Would that work out, or am I running into troubles somewhere?

Am 20. Januar 2018 23:28:13 MEZ schrieb Konstantin Tokarev <annulen at yandex.ru>:
>21.01.2018, 01:25, "Daniel Savi" <daniel.savi at gaess.ch>:
>> On 19.01.2018 18:40, Konstantin Tokarev wrote:
>>>  19.01.2018, 01:58, "Samuel Gaist" <samuel.gaist at edeltech.ch>:
>>>>>    On 18 Jan 2018, at 22:42, Daniel Savi <daniel.savi at gaess.ch>
>>>>>    Hello qt devs
>>>>>    I'm back with another newbie question. I have committed a patch
>that is still under review on gerrit.
>>>>>    Meanwhile, I've got a local and unrelated patch on the same
>file, that I would like to commit, too.
>>>>>    Now, how would I include this patch into my local git repo and
>how would I commit it as a separate patch to the first?
>>>>>    How could I still work on the first patch, once more comments
>are coming in?
>>>>>    Would I create separate branches?
>>>>>    Sorry for my very basic level of git-foo.
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>>>>  Hi,
>>>>  Since the patch is unrelated, use a different topic branch for
>that one and submit it like the other one.
>>>>  Depending on the impact of your change, you might want to look at
>https://git-scm.com/docs/git-worktree and have a separate build for it.
>> I will read that, thank you for the link.
>>>  I think it's OK to create it in the same branch with previous one,
>especially in this case when patches touch same file
>>>  and there is a non-zero probability of conflict because of order
>>>  While patch #2 will have #1 shown in Gerrit as a "dependency", they
>still can be integrated separately from each other (if #2 does actually
>apply to the branch without #1).
>> Just one question. Patch #1 is still under review and there will
>> probably be further changes in the future. If I have patch #2 on the
>> same branch and commit changes to patch #1 again later with "git
>> -a --amend", wouldn't patch #2 be included in patch #1, too?
>git commit --amend edits topmost patch, i.e. #2, instead of #1
>So if you make changes for #1 you need to create new commit #3, and
>#3 and #1 with git rebase -i
>>>>  Cheers
>>>>  Samuel
>>>>  ,
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