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To comment a bit this discussion, I think that with Qt 5.10 as the first release after the LTS it might be fine to stop after .1, but in general I would not want to set such a rule. To me the question at hand is should we skip Qt 5.10.2 release if that means we can put more fixes into Qt 5.9.x and manage to release Qt 5.11 in time? As Jani pointed out the challenge is number of stable branches and the needed amount of merges. Users prefer LTS releases, so focusing the effort to have more bug fixes and patch releases for the LTS release rather than the LTS+1 release benefits a higher amount of users than the other way around. That said, we should not continue to push majority of fixes to Qt 5.9 too long as that is also counterproductive for the need to have a rock solid LTS release.



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    On segunda-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2018 04:10:02 PST Adam Treat wrote:
    > “stop doing patch releases for minor releases that are not LTS.”
    > +1
    So long as we "stop after the .1" 
    Just look at how many distributions skipped 5.8 entirely because it didn't 
    have a .1. That was a huge mistake on our part.
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