[Development] Why are my merged patches not in dev after checkout?

Daniel Savi daniel.savi at gaess.ch
Thu Jul 19 22:29:48 CEST 2018

Hello everybody. I'm sorry for the probably stupid question again. Two 
of my patches have been merged in April (to dev I assume). Now, I did a 
"git checkout dev" and "git rebase origin/dev" on my local machine that 
didn't have the dev branch on it before. The rebase command told me, 
that my local branch was up to date. "git branch" shows that I'm on "dev"

My expectation was to have my patches included in that branch. But they 
aren't, the files are still as they have been before my patch was merged.

If anyone wants to check, I'm talking about these two patches:
Change-Id: Iaa8ec0246aaba004d98c9e8c66609795101519a9
Change-Id: I2d269ef0f842e73af64d48bfef531d5fa3078088

What am I doing wrong?


Daniel Savi

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