[Development] Requesting Repository For Python Extension Support in QtCreator

Tilman Röder tilman.roder at qt.io
Fri Jul 27 14:37:22 CEST 2018

Hello there,

My name is Tilman and I am a software engineering intern at the Qt office in Berlin. I'm working on combining PySide2, Shiboken and QtCreator to enable Python based extensions in the later. I think that this project has now matured enough to be put under proper version control and to show the world a first proof of concept. That being said, pretty much everything in the project is still subject to change and there will probably be quite a few bugs that have not been discovered yet.


Support Python Extensions by creating bindings for the Core module and Utils library of QtCreator (using Shiboken) and by providing a new C++ plugin that uses these bindings to execute Python scripts that can interact with QtCreator.

This is an early proof of concept and currently includes the following:

- Some parts of the Core module included as bindings

- MacroExpander from utils as binding (note: due to not unsupported function pointers, there are still problems with registering new macros from Python)

- A somewhat isolated embedded CPython runtime for the Python extensions

- Setup mechanism that allows extensions to install dependencies etc.

- Included extension manager written in Python

- Build scripts that should work on most Linux systems, provided the required dependencies are installed correctly

(for more details, see the existing GitHub repository)

Responsible: Tilman Roeder

Repository: qt-creator/plugin-pythonextensions

Existing code: https://github.com/dyedgreen/qt-creator-python-extensions
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