[Development] CI stabilization status

Sami Nurmenniemi sami.nurmenniemi at qt.io
Wed May 2 11:28:32 CEST 2018

Hi all,

Additional effort was put in stabilizing the CI in the beginning of the February.  Highlights of the improvements so far are:

  *   Top flaky test cases have been fixed or blacklisted
     *   This was initially the number one reason for randomly failing integrations
     *   Mostly done for qtbase
     *   JIRA tickets created for the blacklisted tests
  *   Coin improvements
     *   Secondary Coin instance running for testing qt5 builds agains Coin master branch
     *   Garbage collection of old build artifacts for reducing disk usage on Coin host
        *   The last cancelled qt5 builds are protected
     *   Agent heartbeat added, builds no longer fail if VM or KVM host crashes
     *   Refactoring asynchronous code from Python threads to asyncio
Reduced Gerrit connection attempts
Improved robustness of CI for CI tests
Fixed deadlocks causing integrations to hang
  *   Infra
     *   More KVM host machines deployed (previously 20, now 33 hosts)
     *   Network bandwidth on KVM host machines increased from 1 Gbit/s to 10 Gbit/s
  *   Provisioning
     *   Changes specific for one OS no longer require provisioning all of them
     *   OS package repositories are mirrored to reduce external network usage
     *   Automatic updates on guest VMs disabled to reduce variance of external components
  *   CI system monitoring page added to Grafana
     *   Simple list of red/green hearts (you have to be logged in to see these)
     *   Detects problems before they start affecting the CI stability

Problems we are still facing:

  *   KVM hosts crashing (kernel bug with nfs cache)
  *   Configure step hanging during build, mostly happens on macOS
  *   Random flaky test failures on other components than qtbase
  *   Some leftovers to iron out from the Coin refactoring

Best Regards,
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