[Development] Strange behavior of cmake with Qt5.11.0

Oleg Shalnev oleg.shalnev at gmail.com
Tue May 8 15:36:21 CEST 2018

Good day!
Neither cmake, nor qtcreator can't normal work with Qt5.11.0
Error processing cmake project file with error

> CMake Error at ______________/CMakeLists.txt:28 (qt5_use_modules):
> Unknown CMake command "qt5_use_modules".

Linux __ 4.15.0-20-generic #21-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 24 06:16:15 UTC 2018
x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
cmake version 3.10.2
Qt 5.11.0-RC

With Qt.5.10.1 All Ok
Where can I read about this new cmake trick?

Thanks a lot

Oleg Shalnev  (Kalpa Integration Initiative)
e-mail                      : oleg at kalpa.ru , oleg.shalnev at gmail.com

cell,Viber,WhatsUp,Telegram : +7 (918) 741 7217
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