[Development] Build system for Qt 6

André Pönitz apoenitz at t-online.de
Thu Nov 1 12:13:47 CET 2018

On Thu, Nov 01, 2018 at 08:34:34AM +0000, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> >From the same email perhaps it's also worth quoting the first paragraph:
> "
> first things first: If you're happy with cmake, you can stop reading now.
> Nobody is proposing that LLVM moves off cmake, and nobody is proposing
> anything that's causing people using cmake more work.
> "

Sure, that's how one approaches larger controversial changes, not just
in software development, but also general politics:

1. Promise that everything is optional, and existing uses won't change,
and nobody will be affected unless opted-in. This keeps the initial
outcry a bay. Optionally, start to belittle opposition as inveterate
nay-sayers, as there is clearly no reason to oppose something people
do voluntarily.

2. Once installed, apply salami tactics by extending the scope of the
measure, "add value" to the new system, asked for or not, and let the old
one rot. If needed, little stabs in the back help to speed up the process.

3. At some time the new system will indeed be better in some setups than
the old one, and the opt-in gets opt-out. This is also a good time to
gauge remaining resistance, and either continue with 2 or directly go
to 4.

4. Sweep remaining issues under the carpet and declare the old system dead.

As I said, that's nothing specific to LLVM and Cmake.

The pattern to message "Nobody has any intention to do X" while planning
or even already executing X is so widely used that in the presence of
such a statement it is safer to assume that this is just stage 1 of the
process above than to accept the statement at face value.


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