[Development] Another integer typedef OR how to prepare for 64-bit in Qt 5

Jedrzej Nowacki Jedrzej.Nowacki at qt.io
Fri Nov 2 14:50:50 CET 2018

On Friday, November 2, 2018 4:42:52 AM CET Thiago Macieira wrote:
> We have a lot of API that, for Qt 6, we've already decided to extend to
> 64-bit on 64-bit platforms, but keep as decently-sized 32-bit on 32-bit
> ones.

Smells like qreal, with all problems that it causes... We could reconsider 
costs of using 64bit everywhere, it would streamline debugging of edge cases.

>  (...)
> Option 4: create a central #if and use this new type, starting now
> Same as #3, but instead of per class, it would be central. Moreover, with
> one preprocessor trick (-Dnewinttype=int), we can fool qdoc into generating
> documentation as it is today. In Qt 6, once we decide we don't need Qt 5
> merging anymore, we can also do a global search-and-replace to qsizetype
> (optional).

If I have to I would also pick option 4, but:
1. qsizetype can _not_ be a built in metatype in Qt5 (at best an alias).
2.  qsizetype needs to have QDataStream operators so it doesn't fallback to a 
platform dependent size
3. QDataStream stream autotests of class that uses the type would need to be 
4. I bet there is more, issues to solve, caused by pointer arithmetic ...

I would not try to trick qdoc to not see it. The consequences of size changing 
"randomly" are far too important, to be hidden.


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