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Il 02/11/18 07:05, Shawn Rutledge ha scritto:
>> This is reasonable given the tree-of-tables that QAbstractItemModel models; there's the bigger question of whether the one-API-fits-all is a good way forward, however I don't see anyone willing to rewrite the model classes for this. (There are also another couple of ideas I have in the QAIM department, e.g. a multiData(), which is just BC because it's a new virtual).
> If anyone was willing to work on it, what sort of API would you propose?

(Side note: please double check your email client, it seems you've got 
Sérgio as contact for the development mailing list :-))

For this sort of API, something really simple, along the lines of

> struct Data { Qt::ItemDataRole role; QVariant data; };
> virtual vector<Data> multiData(const QModelIndex &index, vector<Data> roles) const;

(We can bikeshed on the exact signature, and if we should be using some 
"small map" type, QVector, std::vector, ...). Anyhow, the idea is to 
pass the set of roles that we want to read for a given index, and get 
the data for all those roles in one go. This should help stop hammering 
data() once per role; of course, the default implementation will simply 
call data() multiple times.

My 2 c,

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