[Development] Qt infra "weekly" report

Tony Sarajärvi tony.sarajarvi at qt.io
Fri Nov 16 14:23:33 CET 2018


With me being extremely busy lately, I've forgotten all about this report I promised to send out. Sorry about that!

State of the CI

  *   The kernels we updated back in august were a minor success. They don't crash anymore, and that leaves us with more time to do something else than just rebooting hosts. Unfortunately even the current Ubuntu 17.10 as host doesn't run Windows 10 VMs very well, and they tend to cause problems, eventually slowing down the also the other VMs on the same hosts. It's troublesome and we are working on getting Ubuntu 18.04 in place.

Update of openNebula

  *   Version 5.6.1 of ONE seems to handle images a bit differently. I'm currently working on figuring out how to get those working. I did manage to get the basic setup working so that it actually successfully runs provisioning. But after that ONE stops talking to the hosts and I'm lost to why that is.

Update of MAAS and the Hosts

  *   The network setup of our CI infra didn't work as we had planned and it took quite a bit of time to figure out why things actually work. Using this information and reflecting that on the new dev-network didn't help much, since the dev-network with updated distros and SW worked differently again. Although being a copy to begin with. Now we know how everything works and what to configure and where. So this is close to the point where we can start updating production environments.

A new firewall has been installed and we are currently moving networks over to the new FW one by one. The old FW had problems coping with our load and it dropped packages left and right. The new one is a much more powerful one, so at least those problems should go away.

Also we are doubling the amount of disk space we have in the Compellent, enabling us to use the space we have more freely. We have plans already to move some of the CI storages over to the Compellent from local storage, so that we don't run out of disk space every now and then. This also enables us to store artifacts that are a bit older. This then makes those builds faster that can still reuse the artifacts.

That's it for today, have a nice weekend!
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