[Development] Resolving coding style contentions

Frederik Gladhorn Frederik.Gladhorn at qt.io
Thu Nov 22 10:30:01 CET 2018

Please test the clang-format file we have:

It's in qt5.git and the CI is smart enough not to run any tests when changing 
only the format file, so please contribute to it, if you think it's not good 
enough. I had to configure Creator to base things on a file, from there on it 
worked nicely. Although I'd prefer a mode where it only formats changed lines 
instead of everything.

Then there is git clang-format which should re-format only the changes you are 
making while contributing. I'd like to see that integrated as at least a hint 
in either the sanity bot or a new bot.
In addition we should have a commit hook, anyone volunteering to write one 
will have my full support.

I have to agree though that some of the re-flowing and other details of clang-
format are far from perfect in my opinion. If anyone did the work for 
Uncrustify instead and showed that it creates more happiness than clang-
format, I would support that too. Does Uncrustify support ranges so it will 
only re-format the parts of a file that were touched?

So please give either tool a chance and let's see if we can reach consensus. 


In the meantime I'll enjoy the meta bike-shed and wonder if we should create 
an abstraction layer on top :P

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