[Development] Qt 5.11.3 and QTBUG-51064

Massimo Callegari massimocallegari at yahoo.it
Wed Nov 28 11:00:37 CET 2018

Hi devs,I'd like to gather some help to complete the resolution of https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-51064 in time for 5.11.3 and 5.12.0.I did my best and fixed video playback on Linux and Windows, however on macOS it's still broken (surprise!)I already spent some hours to figure out why, but my limited knowledge of OGL didn't get me that far.So, the 5.11.3 QtMultimedia changelog is partially incorrect, because of macOS.
TL;DR Before my patch it was impossible to play videos in QML in a OGL core context application.
I'd like to point out how badly this issue has been handled. It's been reported on February 2016 and marked as P4.To me, it seems a nonsense to ignore issues like this, especially now that Qt3D offers a lot of possibilities and sooner or later you might need to switch your app to core profile.
I think some macOS + OGL expert might take a couple of hours to fix it, so it'd be much appreciated if someone can contribute to this.
Also I'd like to ask if there is already an ETA for 5.11.3, to understand if there actually is time or not.
Thanks in advance !Massimo
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