[Development] Qt 5.11.3 and QTBUG-51064

Mitch Curtis mitch.curtis at qt.io
Wed Nov 28 11:51:26 CET 2018

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> Subject: [Development] Qt 5.11.3 and QTBUG-51064
> Hi devs,
> I'd like to gather some help to complete the resolution of
> https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-51064 in time for 5.11.3 and 5.12.0.
> I did my best and fixed video playback on Linux and Windows, however on
> macOS it's still broken (surprise!) I already spent some hours to figure out
> why, but my limited knowledge of OGL didn't get me that far.
> So, the 5.11.3 QtMultimedia changelog is partially incorrect, because of
> macOS.
> TL;DR Before my patch it was impossible to play videos in QML in a OGL core
> context application.
> I'd like to point out how badly this issue has been handled. It's been reported
> on February 2016 and marked as P4.

I'm not trying to justify it not being fixed, but just wanted to be a bit pedantic and point out that the reporter actually set the priority, not a Qt dev.

> To me, it seems a nonsense to ignore issues like this, especially now that
> Qt3D offers a lot of possibilities and sooner or later you might need to switch
> your app to core profile.
> I think some macOS + OGL expert might take a couple of hours to fix it, so it'd
> be much appreciated if someone can contribute to this.
> Also I'd like to ask if there is already an ETA for 5.11.3, to understand if there
> actually is time or not.
> Thanks in advance !
> Massimo

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