[Development] Supporting helper functions in auto tests by providing throwing Qt Test macros

Mitch Curtis mitch.curtis at qt.io
Wed Apr 3 14:04:25 CEST 2019

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> On Tue, Apr 2, 2019, at 5:17 PM, Mitch Curtis wrote:
> > Quoting the commit message here:
> >
> >     WIP: Add _THROW variants to testlib macros
> >
> >     This allows using Qt Test macros in helper functions, avoiding the need
> >     to write a lot of boilerplate code as seen with alternative approaches.
> Allowing other functions to terminate a test would be great, but I wonder if
> it's worth considering changing the "regular" macros to terminate tests
> through an exception it throws internally, thus avoiding the need to
> introduce a new set of macros.
> You could of course introduce a new macro specifically to throw (and I think
> that would be a good idea to automatically gather __FILE__ and __LINE__ in
> a non-messy way), but this way one could just use the regular macros we
> already know and love in new ways.
> It would mean that tests would need to support exceptions unconditionally,
> but since it's "just" test code, perhaps this isn't that big a problem.

Just replying to say that Robin and I discussed this on IRC and I think it would be better than introducing new macros, so long as it's actually acceptable to do so.

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