[Development] Qt Static Package

Carlos Enrique Pérez Sánchez ceperez1996 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 01:47:07 CEST 2019

What do people think about providing official static packages?

The reason is that the distribution of an application is much easier in a
single executable. For that reasons I've made many static qt builds and
it's always a lot of work to make it running.
I have success in building qt statically for console and widgets
applications, but I have not success on building Qt Quick Controls 2
applications statically, mainly on Windows, because the graphics effects
are off, no shadows, no layer, no elevation, etc.

There internet is full of people trying to build Qt statically, because Qt
Docs lacks information about building static packages and there are not
examples of commands to pass to configure. People even migrated to other
frameworks because they like static applications, and in Qt doing that is
always a pain.

There is a Jira suggestion:

Please give an upvote there it if you agree.
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