[Development] Qt online SDK security problems

BogDan Vatra bogdan.vatra at kdab.com
Thu Apr 18 09:24:24 CEST 2019


  Long time ago the Qt online SDK used to help the users to use the latest and 
the safest Qt version all the time. Sadly that was changed, IMHO without too 
much thinking, and now a lot of users (I'm one of them) are stucked with 
outdated versions. A few days ago I installed 5.12.2 and today suprise is 
outdated again.  It’s just ridiculously, I have five 5.9.x, 5.10.0, two 5.11.x 
and three 5.12.x versions, but NONE is latest version! Not a single one!

  I propose to go back to the good old times when the Qt online SDK was safe 
and helpful.

  I'm not against to have a chooice to install a specific version, what I'd 
like is to install e.g. 5.12 version and the online installer will update it 
with the latest 5.12.x version automatically.
 If an user, for some reason, want's to install a specific version he can pick 
it from new "Archive" section.

  As I commented in https://blog.qt.io/blog/2019/04/11/updated-qt-installer-released/,  as a Qt maintainer, I wonder quite often, if it's worth to spend 
time to fix bugs that will go in revision/micro versions as long as even I, as 
a Qt maintainer, don’t use them! I imagine that the percentage of Qt users 
that are using the latest Qt versions is very low…

  Having said that, pretty please with sugar on top consider to add the needed 
support to help the users to always use the latest and the safest Qt version.


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