[Development] Dev branch moving towards Qt 6

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Mon Aug 19 18:26:05 CEST 2019

In response to
>> To reflect that and help us all understand that the development focus
>> is now towards Qt 6, I would like to propose that dev becomes the Qt
>> 6 branch after we branched away 5.14

Friedemann Kleint  (19 August 2019 13:57) asked:
> How long do we keep merging 5.14->dev? At what point do we go into
> cherry-pick mode for 5.14->dev? This should probably be done after
> 5.14 API review and initial testing at the earliest?

Well, if we follow recent practice (without treating the major version
change specially), I suppose we keep merging up from 5.14 through 5.15
(once it exists) to dev.  The release of 5.14 signals the demise of the
5.13 branch, at which point 5.12 is disconnected and goes into
cherry-pick mode.

Later, the release of 5.15 shall close 5.14; if we still don't treat the
major version change specially, we'd continue merging 5.15 up through
6.* after the release of 6.0 but switch 5.15 to cherry-pick mode when
6.0 closes, probably when 6.1 releases.

See also https://quips-qt-io.herokuapp.com/quip-0005.html

So I guess the real question is: at what point do we start treating the
major version change specially, in our merge / cherry-pick process ?

Albeit I believe some would also like to consider changing that process
in any case, e.g. to an "always dev" model, with cherry-picking back to
the branches that need it.  This is apparently common in other
communities, giving it the benefit of familiarity for many potential
contributors, to add to its (at least superficial) simplicity.


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