[Development] Stepping down as QDoc maintainer

Martin Smith Martin.Smith at qt.io
Wed Dec 11 15:52:09 CET 2019

I will now formally step down as QDoc maintainer. After 25 years using Qt (Qt license 0 at METIS), the last 13 of those years maintaining QDoc, first at Trolltech, then Nokia, then Digia, and now at The Qt Comany, I am about to become the first guy to retire from Trolltech, et al, because of old age (70 on Jan 14). 

Topi Reiniƶ wants very much to take over the maintainer role, and I think he is the best person to guide QDoc through its next phase of development, which will be significant. 

I expect to continue contributing, but I have been working on the outline for a science fiction novel for those same 25 years, and now I won't have an excuse for not writing it.

Thanks for an interesting job as both software engineer and technical writer.

Martin Smith  


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