[Development] Intention of dropping UWP 2015 x86 builds in favour of MinGW 32-bit packages

Tuukka Turunen tuukka.turunen at qt.io
Wed Feb 6 13:40:24 CET 2019


I do agree that we should avoid dropping configurations in patch releases. However, we should be pragmatic and provide the set that is most valuable for the users and still feasible to maintain. So in my opinion adding something and removing another is fine if that is what best serves our users. That said, we should not do this very often as LTS is about continuity. 



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    As the person who initiated this, I have a bit of an ambivalent view point. Fact is, we have always made those changes for the next minor release and not in the middle of a patch release series. It provides essential continuity for our users especially for an LTS release. I would not want this policy being changed. Whatever is the outcome in this case, this rule should stay.
    The question is now whether we should revert the above change and truly make it happen in 5.13+. Reason for the change was the large resounding request for the mingw 32bit binaries and Olli and me purposely picked a WinRT build with the least usage (based on our understanding). LTS will go on for some time. 
    Personally, I would vote for an exception to acquiesce the demand.
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