[Development] All deprecation warnings are P1 for 5.13.0

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Sat Feb 9 08:11:52 CET 2019

Am 09.02.2019 um 07:34 schrieb Giuseppe D'Angelo via Development:
> Hi,
> Il 09/02/19 02:27, Thiago Macieira ha scritto:
>> Commit 7847e6bc02552fa7fc7f518e5cb3336f667b5a6d in qtbase madee the
>> QT_DEPRECATED and QT_DEPRECATED_X warnings on by default in Qt 
>> builds. That
>> means we started seeing lots of warnings that weren't there in 5.12.
> Agree with the rest of the email. From a purely technical point of
> view, however, I'm wondering why we didn't see those warnings before? 
> Qt was already built with warnings enabled AFAICS? For instance:
It was only enabled for src, not for examples and tests so I did not saw 
the warnings before your commit I would guess. So even functions which 
were already marked deprecated for a long time did not trigger warnings. 
Fixing all the examples and tests before 5.13beta is ... challenging. 
And doing this for anything other than qtbase is not possible for me 
during my limited time.


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