[Development] [SPAM] Re: QDialog vs QPushButton and it's autoDefault default

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Wed Feb 13 16:48:08 CET 2019

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Content preview:  On 12/02/2019 20:54, Bernhard Lindner wrote: > Hi Volker!
  > > Hm, ok, I see. Thanks a lot for the explanations. > > Turned out the reason
   why the autoDefault heuristics kicks in is because the accept-role- > button
   is disabled by default (until the user selects an item from the table). So
   the > heuristic takes over a bit to early. To provide a non-auto-default
  I will need to set the > default button programmatically. > > Still I am not
   satisfied. People tend to finish text input by pressing Enter, even in >
  dialogs. For dialogs containing a sumplementary line edit (not being the main
   input of the > dialog) this may also trigger some dialog action ahead of
  time. > > Is there a good solution to help user avoiding that mistake? > >
   I considered not to have a default button at all (neither set programmatically
   nor > selected automatically) but that seems difficult with that always-on
   heuristics. [...] 

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