[Development] [Interest] Need help with deprecated QVariant functions

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Il 21/02/19 21:09, Christian Ehrlicher ha scritto:
> Hi,

Redirecting the discussion to development at ...

> the two functions qVariantFromValue() and qVariantSetValue() are
> deprecated but the replacements QVariant::setValue() / fromValue() are
> using exactly those two functions...
> Those two functions are some of the last obsolete functions which did
> not yet get decorated with QT_DEPRECATED but since this is affects a
> major class of Qt I don't think it's a task for me.

Could it simply be possible to move the implementation of 
qVariantSetValue to QVariant::setValue, and then have the former call 
the latter, instead of viceversa?

IIRC, the reason for qVariantSetValue is to work around VS2005 not 
supporting member function templates.

> So can someone please take a look on this and mark the two functions as
> deprecated so they can be safely removed with Qt6?
> The other three functions I found in qtcore and are not yet decorated
> with QT_DEPRECATED are:
>    - QByteArray::operator const char *() const (the last idea was to
> un-deprecate this function)

Mixed feelings. I don't like decay-to-pointer, and so doesn't modern C++ 
(e.g. std::array). What's really, really, really, really missing is 
operator std::string_view(). (And, support for std::size / std::data, so 
that std::span works out of the box).

>    - QByteArray::operator const void *() const

This should just go. This is C++, not C.

>    - QLineF::angle(const QLineF &line) const (is QLineF::angleTo() the
> correct replacement?)

Probably -- angle is a bad naming choice.

>    - QLocale::countriesForLanguage(Language language)
>    - QMetaProperty::isEditable(const QObject *object) const (don't know
> why this is deprecated/what's the replacement)

Good question... is this for QML?

> btw: the examples can now be compile with QT_NO_FOREACH :)

Yay, thanks :)

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