[Development] CI upgrade

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Wed Jan 2 12:47:22 CET 2019

On Wednesday, 2 January 2019 04:34:43 -02 Tony Sarajärvi wrote:
> agent:2019/01/01 20:15:26 build.go:193: Config: Using QtTest library 5.12.0,
> Qt 5.12.0 (x86_64-little_endian-lp64 shared (dynamic) release build; by GCC
> 5.3.1 20160406 (Red Hat 5.3.1-6))

This is a native x86-64 build and run. I don't see how it could be related to 

The other one you said is Windows 10, so I don't see how it would be QEMU 

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