[Development] Qt6: Adding UTF-8 storage support to QString

Cristian Adam cristian.adam at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 19:43:57 CET 2019


With every Qt release we see how the new release improved over previous
releases in terms of speed, memory consumption, etc.

Any chance of having UTF-8 storage support for QString?

UTF-8 is native on Linux and other *NIX platforms, Qt programs should use
less memory, and perform better by reading less bytes from memory.

Did anybody try this?

I've heard that Qt Creator is storing sources files both in UTF-8 format
for libclang, and UTF16 for its internal usage. That sounds like a bit

KDE Plasma could then better compare / compete with the other Linux desktop
environments which use UTF-8 for strings.

I guess I could use CopperSpice to test this, since they added CsString
with both QString8 (UTF-8) and QString16 (UTF-16) supported.

https://utf8everywhere.org/ states *"UTF-16 is the worst of both worlds,
being both variable length and too wide"*

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