[Development] Requests for Gerrit admins

Kari Oikarinen kari.oikarinen at qt.io
Fri Jan 18 09:12:43 CET 2019

Gerrit was for a long time taken well care of by Ossi and Frederik. In
connection with Ossi's departure we've added a couple of new admins:

- Kari Oikarinen
- Paul Wicking
- Jukka Jokiniva

Frederik Gladhorn continues as well. Given the larger amount of people, to avoid
duplicate work we'd like to move the requests over to using Jira. This also
ensures a higher-level of transparency and lets us track the status of related
tasks. In the event that a request may have privacy implications, you can still
contact us directly by emailing gerrit-admin at qt-project.org.

So in the future when you have a request you would have previously sent directly
to Ossi or the gerrit-admin at qt-project.org mailing list, instead create a task
in the QTQAINFRA project with the component Gerrit.

By sending requests to the whole group (by allowing the Jira ticket to be
auto-assigned), you'll be served by the first available admin. This leads to
faster service than asking a specific admin directly.

Actions that are decided based on Qt Project Open Governance must still go
through the development mailing list, so participants of the governance process
don't need watch the Jira queue. You can of course add the ticket and refer to
it when sending the mail.

The gerrit-admin mailing list was disabled due to a misconfiguration from around
Christmas to January 11th. If you sent a request during that time that has not
been fulfilled, please ping us again.


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